Hello there and welcome to The Hut.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in one of her most popular Ted Talks, speaks about the danger of a single story. She says, “When we hear the same story over and over again, it becomes the only story we ever believe.” Which got us thinking about all the stories we’d come across and how they have shaped our world view.

Afro Fanatic is a lifestyle brand, based in Nairobi – Kenya, dedicated to questioning the ‘single story’ model. Our slogan – life through Afro Shades – is a play on the concept of ‘rose coloured glasses’ except that in our case; it means being open enough to challenge one’s perceptions and change one’s perspective. We draw our inspiration greatly from the positive cultures of Afro- people the world over.

We are the brand for you, the curious ones, the playful ones, the ones who know that things aren’t always as they seem, the ones who enjoy toying with different possibilities and most of all being themselves for every moment of the adventure.

My name is Ziki. Multipotentialite, Writer, Tech understanding person and Creative Director here. See I’m solo in this pic right now, maybe next time you’ll be right there exploring with me!


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