We deliver goods within and outside of Africa at rates determined by our carriers. These rates are subject to change and are beyond our control.

We endeavour to dispatch all goods listed on this website for shipping within 10 working days of purchase for a variety or reasons:

1. Sustainability
We believe in the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement which prescribes to a no-waste production model. To treat our environment better we shy away from mass-producing our products unless there is an explicit demand for them. What’s in it for you? We are able to provide you with more competitive prices.

2. We print our t-shirts on demand
To ensure we do not mass produce stock for which demand has not be explicitly specified, we keep a few t-shirts in stock and print them on demand. This helps us run a more sustainable business and also gives us some ability to customise your order.

Made by humans
All our products are handmade with no fancy machinery. While we endeavour to provide products with the best quality finishes possible there may, on occasion, be signs of human error like, uncut threads. Should you notice anything like that, we ask you to report it to us while bearing in mind that we are only human and a few mishaps are bound to happen. We will take your feedback on board and do our best to ensure that future human error is minimised.

We can ship worldwide using our carrier FeDex. We are currently working to determine which locations have the highest frequency of orders which will enable us to formulate favourable shipping rates. Right now, we have defined delivery charges for Nairobi, Kenya. If you reside outside of Nairobi, and would like us to ship something to you, please contact us and we’ll work something out for you..

Within Kenya delivery will usually take 2-3 working days. Outside of the country delivery can take up to 10 working days.

At checkout you will notice a section named Tax. This is a 16% V.A.T. charged on the shipping cost only.

For countries outside of Kenya, importation duties may be charged. We have no way of knowing these charges beforehand, and request that you check with the relevant authorities in your country.