Fundo™ Full Wrap


Fundo is Kiswahili for knot. Our full-cover (as in covers your entire head) top-knot head wrap. Wearing this it is as easy as wearing a hat. You don't need to worry about it coming undone because it's been well secured to hold its style and withstand many washes.

This head wrap style suits all races, ages and genders. Truly, many people are pleasantly surprised when they realise they can 'pull off the look' as they often say.

Big hair? No problem … it's amazing just how much hair can get tucked under these wraps. From dreads to flowing tresses.

The turban is also lined with satin which is gentle on all hair types. The best part? SIZE DOESN'T MATTER! The wraps come with elastic in strategic places to fit you even if you think you may have a 'big' head (you don't, it's average). Get one for a friend too! Size doesn't matter! 😉

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Product Description

It is made from a 100% cotton. An ingenious and easy way of adding some flavour to your every day look.

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AFFA™ Turb Chart

To find out your wrap size, measure around your head with a tape measure as shown with the print band in the picture. Make sure your hair is out of the way. Or if you’ll be wearing your turban over your hair then leave it there.

If you get a number in-between like 23.5, for instance, it’s best to choose the next largest size which would be 24″.

If you’re still confused, send us a message with your measurements and we’ll get back to you with options.

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